Recommended Instagram Welders - December 2016

In December, we often stop to think about gifts. We have plenty of gifts in our on-line store for welders (so be sure to share with those you love what you need). We think that these welders went above and beyond with some of the things that most would consider trash. They turned them into treasures. Not bad ideas for those on your gift giving list.

Outdoor Bar

Scully Welding Jan 6 Outdoor Bar

@good.weld created an awesome patio bar. Lots of labor and love but one very cool piece.

Metal Lovers Side Table

Scully Welding dec 1 Metal Lovers Side Table

Thanks @rochesterafc for sharing one of your students Christmas presents. This table may have sacrificed some slide calipers but it is very unique.

For The Piolet Off The Family

Scully Welding dec 2 For The Piolet Off The Family

Do you have any old spark plugs laying around? @cregermetals shared this idea.

Dirt Bike Lovers Paper Weight

Scully Welding dec 3 Dirt Bike Lovers Paper Weight

A few extra screws, washers and paint coupled with welding skills and you can make your own version of this dirt bike rider. @kylesliger44 enjoys bikes, welding and creating things out of spare parts. Keep an eye out for what he comes up with next.


Scully Welding dec 4 Helicopter

There are several versions out there of this type of take on a helicopter. This one was shared by @theheavyhaulercummins. You may find a few of these extra parts if you are into trick riding too.

Mini Motorcycle

Scully Welding dec 5 Mini Motorcycle

This mini motorcycle really used a lot of imagination and unusual parts. @rip_metals_and_art has done several bikes. I bet that they would even customize the beer cap seat if you are not able to find time to make this yourself.

Music Lovers Delight

Scully Welding dec 6 Music Lovers Delight

Clamps, wrenches, chains, and lots of imagination to come up with this guitar. Not into music? That's ok, you should check out @jonb94 anyway and see the American Flag he has done along with some other metal sculptures.

Words Out Of Horseshoes

Scully Welding dec 7 Words Out Of Horseshoes

If you find that you have horseshoes around, you can use them to create words, such as @whitaker_welding made for his Momma. He's just starting out but what a great gift!

Spare Parts Stool

Scully Welding dec 8 Spare Parts Stool

This was a hands down favorite gift received by @missmaedyalook. Has a great Steampunk feel and is useful too for this tattoo artist too.

Wishing everyone a very safe and burn free holiday! Follow these amazing artists and see what they create next. Welding is more than just a skill used to build the world around us, it’s used in various ways to do a variety of things, including art, gifts and many useful things.

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