Recommended Instagram Welders - April

Most people don’t think of welding as a glamorous profession, but a lot of beauty can be found in this field. Welding makes for some great photography and we found eight awesome welding pix that just might captivate you and make you a new fan of this craft.


1 cow Trophy

This charming industrial deer head mounted on weathered wood is perfect for hunters and animal lovers alike. Instagram user @sloansupply masterfully fabricated this faux hunting trophy.


2 lungs Lungs

Giving new meaning to the term "iron lung", Insta-user @adrianneacid creates a minimalist interpretation of two very vital organs.

Roll the Dice

3 dice Roll the Dice

Instagramer @thealmightyhans creates two oversized expressions of a popular game piece. Lucky to be so talented!


4 dog Rough

Welder and Instagramer, @richardjones777 creates a whimsical pup out of rusty reclaimed objects. Upcycling at its finest!

Fire Starter

5 fireplace Fire Starter

Welder extraordinaire, @packerstudio, fabricates an aesthetically amazing wood burning stove.


6 giraffe Giraffe

An adorable giraffe is created by welder, @bbkcs, captured on film, and shared on Instagram for the world to enjoy.

Cutlery Bird

1 spoons Cutlery Bird

Master craftsperson, @caitlinrebecca1990, fabricates an eagle from cutlery. An original and stunning piece of art.


1 13129930_1035734909846856_1151234290_n (1) Serpentine

Artisan, @rollingbombfab, achieves metallic serpentine coining on a sheet of aluminum.

Follow these amazing artists and see what they create next. Welding is more than just a pragmatic craft used to build the world around us, it’s used to create sculptural and permanent items for all to enjoy.

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